The Band
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Louie - Guitar, Backing Vocals & Founding Member: He began his love affair with music as a very young boy in Toronto. It became & still
remains to this very day an overwhelming obsession with him. Louie has become a consummate artist & one of the main songwriters for
COBRA KINGS. He spent years touring perfecting his sound & unique blend of styles with bands such as The Green Peppers, C.C.
Strut, Joker, Stavin' Chain, Striker, Sunrise, The Blues Boss, In Remembrance & Mojo Grande to name a few. Like his mentors B.B. King
& Carlos Santana, Louie's playing gets so intense at times, it seems the guitar is drawing the sound from his very soul. His sweet "Fatt"
sound is an integral part of the aural bliss that is unique to the
Kevin -  Drums & Percussion:  He studied percussion with Gary Tomlin in Kitchener while attending the University of Waterloo. He also
studied music at Humber College and has been working in the music industry in the GTA for 32 + years. Kevin is a powerful and
dynamic drummer who loves to play "in the pocket". He has performed with bands such as: The Johnny Lindon Band, Diane Hodson,
Linda Cara, Karen Durrant and Rocket 88 to name a few. Kevin brings the groove, feel & back beat to the
Robert - Keys & Backing Vocals: He grew up playing guitar, sax, piano and singing in the busy Winnipeg music scene of the
60's and 70's. He had toured Canada from coast to coast with 3 different bands by the time he was 18. He moved to Toronto
and played clubs throughout the 80's, 90's, 00's covering much of the range of pop music. In the 90's he wrote and arranged
music for the jingle production company Murphy/Craig Music. He'
s loving being part of the COBRA KINGS.
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Sonny  - Bass: Growing up in Manila Philippines he started on his musical quest which led him to become one of the Philippines'
most sought after #1 call bassist. Performing with a large number of national & International artists along with performing in
countless musical productions,  recording award winning albums & performing at many concerts has led him to develop the
"Chops" that make him a "One of a Kind" player. This unique talent has given him the edge on the feel for the pocket that he
delivers today now living in Toronto. Adding a depth of solid bottom end with a groove that is felt by the listener's core is what he
delivers night after night show after show. The
COBRA KINGS are delighted to have him as part of their musical family.
Ron - Lead Vocals & Percussion: Singing in front of audiences came at a very early age for him. Fronting a band started for him at
the age of 16 years old. His musical experiences throughout the years have lead him to sing in many genres that appeal to many
listeners. Along with producing his own solo work, "Ever Glisten", he's fronted different bands throughout the GTA with the latest
being Press Play. As the newest member, the
COBRA KINGS are very delighted to have Ron's dynamic Vocal ability along with his
ability to play guitar & drums/percussion. We welcome him & his Passionate & Stylistic Voice to the
Pillars - From our CD