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The Cobra Kings' sound was forged
out of the necessity to create music
that has no boundaries. From Rock
and Blues through to Funk and
Reggae all the way over to Latin and
Smooth Jazz. The Cobra Kings enjoy
a wide and varied stylistic approach
to music creation & performing
popular music from many genres to
appeal to a wide audience. This slick
concoction of musical energy which
has been coined as "Rock & Soul"
has led to the release of the Cobra
Kings' Award Winning debut CD
"Cobra Kings" which is a testament
to the band's determination to enter
the global music market as
multi-genre crossing artists. The
Cobra Kings music is fuelled by the
band's passion to perform popular
music & create meaningful musical
statements that elicits an emotional
response from the listener. The
Cobra Kings' sound is from their
hearts straight to your soul.
Pillars - Pat Parez on Sax